Early Identification and Management of Sepsis: Real-World Solutions for Improving Patient Outcomes

Date: 5/22/2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

This webinar will include an overview of the use of clinical decision support systems to identify clinical deterioration and improve sepsis outcomes. Also included will be a description of some of the challenges with sepsis identification and intervention as well as data analyses and case studies showcasing outcomes.
Reframing the approach to sepsis: One way to address the challenges associated with diagnosing sepsis is to reframe the approach to focus on overall patient deterioration. It is well established that sepsis is associated with progressive physiological deterioration as a patient advance along the sepsis spectrum. Early identification of deterioration allows focus to be placed on the patient and not a definition and enables clinicians to get ahead of lagging indicators that are often used to define sepsis.
Getting ahead of patient deterioration is a patient safety imperative. Doing so effectively helps the patient population at large, while also tackling the challenge of early sepsis detection and intervention head-on. An approach based on identifying patients in need of intervention, and directing resources to their care, can have patient safety benefits that go beyond a strictly sepsis-directed effort.

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