Protect Maine Kids: No on 1

The Maine Hospital Association has joined with dozens of other healthcare and other organizations to urge Maine voters to vote No on 1 on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.   In 2019, the Maine Legislature, in an effort to protect the children of Maine and prevent deadly outbreaks of preventable illnesses, eliminated non-medical exemptions to vaccine requirements for school attendence.  Opponents of the law successfully gathered enough signatures to force a people's veto referendum on Tuesday, March 3. 

If you want to protect Maine children from eight deadly contagious diseases and prevent epidemics, vote No on Question 1 to keep the law in place. 


Maine Public Law 154
Public Law 154  eliminates non-medical exemptions to vaccine requirements for school attendance, closing the loopholes that threaten community immunity and leave children at risk for contagious infectious disease.  The law retains currently defined medical exemptions.