Workplace Sexual Harassment Internal Investigations Webinar

Date: 4/5/2018, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Learning Objectives:
Key topics discussed include:
• Recognizing what constitutes a sexual harassment complaint and triggers the obligation to
• Key considerations and steps to follow when establishing an investigation strategy before you start
   talking to potential witnesses with regards to a sexual harassment complaint;
• Best practices for conducting effective interviews with the person bringing forward the complaint,
   individuals who may have experienced sexual harassment, witnesses who may have seen or heard
   harassing behaviors, other individuals who may have relevant information, and those who have
   been accused;
• Special considerations for investigating different kinds of sexual harassment complaints;
• Dealing with “he said, she said” situations; and
• Practical considerations for recommendations and actions taken to stop sexual harassment and
   prevent future problems from occurring.

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