Engage Series: How to Win Back Every Single Patient

Date: 10/13/2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Maine Hospital Association, in collaboration with Custom Learning Systems, is offering a 5-part Engage webinar series free of charge, the second of which focuses on the five imperatives to regain lost patient volumes and grow.

You will learn how to:

 -  Reignite caregiver engagement and unleash their influence in the community starting with family
    and friends;
 -  Educate everyone to use "sentence starters" to create patient comfort and alleviate concerns;
 -  Master the critical new skill of "Reputation Recovery" and how all caregivers can win back reluctant
    customers one at a time;
 -  Educate managers to lead in the new normal;
 -  Engage your brightest and best frontline stars to teach a workshop: "Create a Safe 5-Star Experience
    for Everyone;"
 -  Initiate a win back advertising and social media campaign with the theme: "We Have a Safe 5-Star
    Health Care Experience Waiting for You;"
 -  Launch your own patient video testimonial project where patients agree to record short smartphone
    video "Why I Came Back;"
 -  Create a 3-minute social media video: "Reasons Why We Are the Safest Place in Town;"
 -  Bring back every single patient and more!

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Other upcoming sessions include:

  • “How to Thrive in the Next Normal” - Tools for agile leaders to proactively plan and succeed
  • “Reignite Your Community Reputation” - How to leverage your Survival Index™ report to regain lost ground and grow
  • “Proactive Planning to Regain Lost Ground and Grow” - Tools for agile leaders to align, accelerate, and improve

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