Engage Series: How to Thrive in the Next Normal

Date: 10/26/2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The Maine Hospital Association, in collaboration with Custom Learning Systems, is offering a 5-part Engage webinar series free of charge, the third of which focuses on tools for agile leaders to proactively plan and succeed.

You will learn how to:

 -  Solve multiple problems and challenges by taking the opposite approach, literally;
 -  Re-engage your staff by helping them understand the next normal, i.e. now; and
 -  Avoid major mistakes and up-level your renewal and restart efforts by leveraging stress in the most
     productive way possible.

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Other upcoming sessions include:

  • “Reignite Your Community Reputation” - How to leverage your Survival Index™ report to regain lost ground and grow
  • “Proactive Planning to Regain Lost Ground and Grow” - Tools for agile leaders to align, accelerate, and improve

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