2022 Virtual Leadership Series: Session 3

Date: 7/12/2022, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly influential, empowered and demanding. The maxim, “The consumer is boss,” has become only more urgent as the digital revolution, social media, expanding choices, and 24/7 connectivity have empowered consumers and heightened their expectations. Healthcare is not immune to this trend, as healthcare systems, big tech companies, and new entrants compete to provide better experiences for patients and caregivers alike. During this presentation, David Duncan will share techniques from his new book, "The Secret Lives of Customers" that people working in healthcare can use to take a consumer lens on the people they serve. This includes techniques for gaining new insight into their most important challenges and aspirations related to their health, and for finding innovative ways to help consumers find value, including ways to make their healthcare experience even better.

Faculty: David Duncan, PhD, Managing Director, Innosight

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