DCI Solutions

DCI Solutions is a team of cost efficiency and tax credit experts who work with hospitals to reduce operating costs and increase cash flow with no risk to the hospital.

DCI assures an increase in hospital cash flow by $1,000 to $4,000 per full-time employee, per year.  For example, a hospital with 500 full-time employees will see increased cash flow of $500,000 to $2 million per year, forever.  There is no risk, no upfront fees and no obligation to move forward with DCI.  Written results are delivered in two to three weeks. 

Click here to view a 90-second video.  After DCI receives an Excel report of the hospital's annual vendor spend, DCI analyzes invoices and contracts to identify cost savings throughout the hospital’s overhead.  DCI also discovers additional tax credits and refunds that the hospital was previously not aware of.

DCI will analyze the following cost centers: tax credits, insurance/benefits, freight, telecommunications, utilities, service and supplies, real estate, treasury and accounts payable.

DCI will provide written details of the five cost centers that offer the greatest savings per year.

Once engaged with DCI, hospitals will receive savings in a matter of a few months.

Contact Information:


Bill Suplee
Senior Advisor
DCI Solutions