Class Action Capital

Class Action Capital is a provider of class action settlement claim management and monetization to the global corporate community. Launched in 2012, Class Action Capital quickly gained traction amongst the corporate community to become the premiere provider of outsourced class action settlement claim management and monetization. From 30 clients in 2012 to over 5,000 clients to date, Class Action Capital's value proposition, reputation and expertise has been recognized by companies of all sizes and in diverse industries.
Class Action Capital is led by its CEO and founder, J.J. Thomas, Esq., a former class action attorney with unrivaled experience in class action settlements. The rest of the team is composed of professionals with a diverse set of experiences across the marketing, financial and legal sectors, delivering clients two primary services: claims management and claims monetization.
Class Action Capital's pricing model is simple in that they work on a commission basis whereby they receive a percentage of the client's financial recovery and only receive their fee when their client recovers.

Contact Information


Joshua Kerstein, Director of Strategic Partnerships
(914) 200-0066